GP Registrar Training

Fully qualified doctors with several years' hospital experience complete their training by working here as GP Registrars for one year.

Fully qualified junior doctors with a minimum of six years' training also work with us for four months at a time. Their surgeries are supervised by one of the senior GPs.

We video-record some consultations for teaching, assessment and for postgraduate exam requirements. 
You do not have to have your consultation video-recorded if you do not want to. This will not affect your care in any way.

We will always ask your written consent before and after a video consultation.

Medical Students

We teach medical students from the University of Edinburgh. We ask for your consent before a student is present in your consultation. If you prefer not to have a medical student present with your doctor, please say so. We understand and respect your feelings about this and it will not affect your treatment at all if you prefer not to see a medical student.

Other Health Professionals In Training

We sometimes have other health-professional students working with us. We will ask for your consent before we allow a student to be involved in your consultation. We understand that not everyone is happy to have a student present. Please say so, if this is how you feel.