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Clinics & Services

We offer care for some illnesses in special clinics. These can save you going to a hospital clinic.

Our practice hosts the following services and clinics:

nurseAsthma Clinic

  • Held by Jacqui Mason - Nurse practitioner
  • Additional Information We advise a once-yearly review for everyone who takes medication for asthma.  Please complete our online asthma review form if you have not had your asthma review this year.

High Blood Pressure Treatment

  • Additional Information We advise an annual BP check for everyone taking treatment for high blood pressure. Please make an appointment with the nurse if you are due a check.
    If your blood pressure is still high, or you have other problems, the doctor will see you to adjust your treatment. You can also check your own BP if you like. We have a blood pressure surgerypod machine in the reception area for that purpose.

Cervical Screening

  • Additional Information We offer a three-yearly cervical smear to all women aged between 20 to 60. This helps to prevent the development of cancer. Please make an appointment with the nurse if you are due a smear test.

COPD Clinic (Chronic Bronchitis)

  • Additional Information We recommend annual review of all patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Our COPD Clinic is run by nursing staff.

Diabetic Clinic

  • Held by Dr Weil, Jacqui Mason, Yvonne Brown Nurse Practitioners and phlebotomists.
  • Additional Information We do a yearly check-up for everyone with diabetes treated with diet or tablets (unless you use insulin, or need hospital diabetic clinic care).

    The clinic is run jointly by Dr Weil, Jacqui Mason, Yvonne Brown, (Nurse Practitioners) and our phlebotomist. You should be sent an appointment for an eye check (retinal phtography), if you don't attend a hospital clinic. We still advise a yearly eye check with an optician and we recommend Mr Cunning, the Optician in John Street (telephone 01968 674259).

    We exchange information electronically with a national database (SCI DC) for our patients with diabetes. This is secure and confidential. However, if you wish your own records not to be used in this way, please tell the practice manager and we will exclude your records from this.

Family Planning/Contraception

  • Additional Information Our Nurse Practitioners can see you for contraception. When you make your appointment tell the receptionist which pill you take and you can get the prescription from the Nurse Practitioner too.

    She can advise about starting or continuing the pill, mini-pill, injection, emergency contraception, sterilisation, vasectomy, implants, coils and other methods. She can do your cervical smear if it is due.

Insertion of IUD Copper or IUS Mirena Device - Click here to download the form regarding the insertion of IUD (Copper)/IUS (Mirena) Device.  Please return the completed form to the practice.

Planning For Pregnancy

  • Additional Information All our doctors are happy to discuss pregnancy-related matters. If you are thinking about a pregnancy, ask about a rubella check, folic acid supplements, alcohol, stopping smoking and any concerns you have.

    Contact the midwives on 01968 671537 to check that you are immune to German Measles and for advice about folic acid and pre-pregnancy care.

    You can get a pregnancy test without an appointment with a doctor. Just hand in a urine sample at reception.

    If you have a positive pregnancy test and you wish to continue with your pregnancy, please contact the midwife to arrange care.

    The midwives can be contacted by telephone on 01968 671537
    or, in an emergency, on 01968 672612.

Incontinence Assessment And Advice Service

  • Additional Information We offer confidential advice and help. Just make an appointment with the nurse.
    If you are housebound a district nurse can also visit you to help.

Minor Surgery Clinic

  • Additional Information We can remove moles and skin lumps under local anaesthetic. The waiting time is usually much less than that for hospital treatment. Please see your doctor first.

Monitoring Potent Drug Treatment

  • Held by Maggie Walker - Practice Nurse & Dr Begg
  • Additional InformationWe can prescribe powerful drugs for serious joint or other problems. If you take Penicillamine, Auranofin, Sulphasalazine, Methotrexate, Amiodarone or Sodium Aurothiomalate, Maggie Walker (practice nurse) and Dr Begg will check regular blood tests for your safety.

Thyroid Clinic

  • Held by Dr Weil & Phlebotomists
  • Additional Information Dr Weil and one of our phlebotomists will do a yearly check and blood test for everyone on treatment for thyroid problems.

Warfarin Monitoring

  • Held by Jacqui Mason, Nurse Practitioner and phlebotomists
  • Additional Information Jacqui Mason, Nurse Practitioner and one of the phlebotomists run the monitoring service for everyone who takes Warfarin.

Non-NHS Services, Certificates, Letters And Reports

  • Additional Information Sickness certificates for more than five working days' absence from work are free for our patients who are employed or looking for work. They are paid for by our contract with the NHS.

    Most other certificates and forms are not paid for by the NHS. We provide these as a private service in addition to our normal work. Our fees reflect the cost of employing staff, nurses, our medical insurance and running the health centre. It costs us about £1 million a year to do this plus the doctor's time taken. Our fees are similar to other professions with equivalent skills and responsibilities.

    We try to keep fees as low as possible. You can help us keep charges down by:

    1. Reading forms first and filling in any information which you need to complete before asking us to complete the medical section.

    2. Putting your request in writing - if we know exactly what you need there is less chance of missing out something important.

    3. Giving at least two working days' notice. Our first priority is giving the best care to people who are ill and we fit other work around this whenever we can.

    Fees for private medical certificates/consultations are listed but if you aren't sure what the cost may be, please ask. The cost and time taken for a report depends on how complicated it is. We quote a range of fees to allow for this. If we need to charge more than this, we will check with you first.

Medical Examinations

  • Additional Information We can do examinations for HGV, PSV licences, insurance reports, social work reports and sports medicals. Please tell the receptionist when you are making the appointment, so that you get extra time for a full examination. Please note that there is a charge ask the receptionist for this information when making the appointment.

Work-related Immunisations/Occupational Health

  • Additional Information We do not have an occupational health service (including hepatitis B vaccination required for work).  This should be provided by your employer.

    Alternatively, Working Health Services (Scotland), based at the Astley Ainslie Hospital in Edinburgh, tel 0800 019 2211, offer Occupational Health services for individuals working for small- to medium-sized businesses, and accept self-referral.

Travel Advice/Vaccinations

  • Additional Information We give advice on travel vaccines and malaria protection. Please ask at reception for details. There is a charge of £14.00 for advice and giving some vaccines.

    You may need to plan at least eight weeks before your holiday for adequate cover.

Dental Care

  • Additional Information The doctors at Penicuik Medical Practice don’t treat dental problems. For emergency dental care, patients should first contact their own dentist. If you haven’t got a dentist, you can contact the walk-in facility at:

    Chalmers Dental Centre, 3 Chalmers Street, Edinburgh EH3 9EW
    (Monday - Thursday - 9.00am - 4.45pm, Friday - 9.00am – 4.15pm)

    When the centres are closed, unregistered patients should phone the Lothian Dental Advice Line on 0131 536 4800 to arrange for emergency dental care.

    We have no training in dentistry.

    We have been asked by dentists not to treat dental problems because we do not do it as well as dentists.


  • Additional Information The chiropodist/podiatrist in Penicuik Medical Practice are independent of the practice and makes her own appointments.
    Ask at reception for a form. Fill this in with details of your problem and your contact details. Please tell her if you have diabetes or circulation problems in your feet. She will send you an appointment.

    The podiatrist can be contacted on 0131 536 1627.


  • Additional Information Lothian Health has a physiotherapy service in Penicuik Medical Practice.  The self-referral pathway for musculo-skeletal service should be contacted on 0800 917 9390 in the first instance and at that point you will be assessed as to whether onward referral to physiotherapy is required.  For more information about the service speak to the physiotherapist on 01968 671526.

Pre-school Children

  • Additional Information The Penicuik & Roslin Health Visiting Team are based here and hold regular baby clinics and immunisation clinics.

    Tel: 0131 440 7832 to find out more.


  • Additional Information Information about relationships, sexual health and contraception, drugs and family problems are available for teenagers at MYPAS (Midlothian Young People's Advisory Service).

    Tel: 0131 454 0757.


Social Work

  • Additional Information For help with benefits, housing and social care problems, home help and occupational therapy aids and home adaptations, contact Loanhead Social Work Department.

    Tel: 0131 271 3900.

Drug Problems

  • Additional InformationWe can help with drug problems after you have been assessed at the Community Drug Problem Service. MELD is open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm and offers support for drug users and for families. CDPS needs to have contact information filled in - fill in information here for walk in SMS clinic at Eastfield.

    Tel: 0131 660 3566.


Alcohol Problems

  • Additional Information An alcohol problems counsellor has a clinic in Penicuik. For an appointment call ELCA on 0131 337 8188.

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

  • Additional Information The CAB can help with debt and money problems as well as advise on housing, benefits and other issues. Tel: 01968 675259.

Interpreter Service

  • Additional Information Would you like to use an interpreter and speak your own language? Ask our receptionist to call 0131 242 8181 to arrange a free interpreter.

    Alternatively, if you can bring a friend as an interpreter, you are welcome to do so.

To attend one of these clinics please ring our reception on 01968 672612.

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